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IFAIR International Trade Consulting assists domestic enterprises to market their products worldwide. We do various services related to export and import, and also business development.

Strategy & Organization


We set up a strategy to market your products.


Every company needs accurate strategy and organisation in order to sustain their business. IFAIR helps to give advice and arrangement for various enterprises to create up strategies to market their products into targeted countries. With proper plan, business can be done with zero obstacle.

Corporate Development


We bring domestic enterprises into global market.


We provide guidance for all business stakeholders (producers, distributors, and buyers) in order to develop their business; hence, they may innovate and produce quality products to meet the global demands.


We conduct business matching - connecting domestic enterprises with appropriate buyers from all over the world. We also provide information such as market trend, public interest, and any data related to product marketing; thus, the businesspersons may take a correct decision.



Expand your business to other continents.


We are now living in a borderless world, not only for people when entering other countries but also for products when entering international market; therefore, we have to be competitive. This can be done with both expanding our network to all over the world and providing quality services for our consumers. More, up to now IFAIR have been affiliating with agencies in Europe, Africa, and Asia, for wider marketplace.

Corporate Finance


Set up your budgent plan and financial arrangemet.


We also offer consultancies related to financial arrangement, rules of tax, and budget plan for all cost and expenditure that are necessary for executing export-import.





Grow your business.


We work collaboratively with all stakeholders such as investors, government, lawyers, enterprises, and academicians; also, we continuously provide best service to our clients to ensure that the trading runs appropriately.

​Strategic Planning


Set up your planning with us.


We assist our client to set up a strategic plan with understanding all of the parameters that influence the business. This includes: region demography, culture, market trend, currency, financial strength, potential market, public interest, and how to engage with local stakeholders.



Advertise your product.


IFAIR also helps to introduce new products when entering a new marketplace. We advertise the product to convince the public and to alter the people’s mind to the new products.

Business Coaching


Enhance your understanding about export and import.


IFAIR provide business coaching to enhance domestic enterprises in expanding their business into global market. This coaching is related to export-import, regulation and requirement, budget plan, negotiate, built up networks, and also how to estimate the future market trend.

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