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THE DEMAND for trade is always followed by the demand of information related to regulation, law, insurance, shipping, and etc. IFAIR was establish for providing trustable information and as a bridge between institutes, traders, and governments.


IFAIR is a trading consultancy company founded by Mr. Nadir Omar Oulad – a Belgian entrepreneur. With the diversity of the team members’ background, IFAIR has rapidly grown and has built up networks with worldwide businesspersons and governments. IFAIR organises domestic and foreign trade in relation to export and import.


With more than twenty years of experience, IFAIR is confident in assembling a resourceful team. IFAIR is headquartered in Belgium, a country gate for European market, a country of high potentials. With international interests, IFAIR has also expanded into South East Asia Region – branched in Yogyakarta and Solo, Indonesia.

INDONESIA is one of the headliners of doing bussnis.

IFair also expanded to Afrika such as Morocco and Afrika.

Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria become also potential country for export development , 

I-Fair establish head office in Morocco whit IMRPO TRADE, near to the biggest African Port in Tanger.


IFAIR stands for fair trade, commerce development, market research, marketing strategy, supporting information, and resource growth for many business sectors. We offer services for various companies both locally and internationally; this may go into retail, wholesale, or coordination of entire projects.




IFAIR is to become a one-stop consultant for various international trading affairs. Having a worldwide reputation, we are now expanding rapidly both in Europe and Indonesia; and, in the near future this company is to be an agency which will raise domestic enterprises.





  • Conducting collaboratively works with investors, domestic enterprises, and government to establish a fair, legal, and efficient trading frame; therefore, the rights of both consumers and suppliers are protected,

  • Conducting selective recruitment, coaching, and quality control for domestic enterprises; hence, their products meet international standard, and their business may sustain in long period,

  • Introducing Small Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s) products which enhance identity of local culture to the world,

  • Cooperating with or arranging international exhibition events,

  • Conducting quality services for consumers and suppliers after sales,

  • Enhancing network to meet the market demand.

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